Patient Focus

Catalyst Pharmaceuticals: Partnering with patients is our first priority

We believe in putting the Patient Focus in everything we do. We are dedicated to providing the tools, resources, and knowledge to empower and strengthen patients to manage their conditions.

It is our firm belief that, when battling a rare disease, it’s all about the company you keep. At Catalyst, considering the patient perspective is the central component in our decision-making process. When patients take an active role in their healthcare, make informed decisions, and participate in research, not only may they improve their own health but also the health and lives of others.

Catalyst Neuromuscular Connections (CNC)

We created Catalyst Neuromuscular Connections (CNMC), our periodic community newsletter, to keep you informed and facilitate conversations between Catalyst and people living with neuromuscular conditions. Stay connected and download our latest issue!

Issue 02, Q2 2019
Issue 01, November 2018

Patient Stories

View stories of hope and perseverance.

Disease Information

A simple resource to help you better understand a diagnosis.

Patient Resources

Access to events and advocacy groups for rare diseases.