Investigator-Sponsored Research

At Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, we are committed to the advancement of medical and scientific knowledge that addresses the unmet needs of patients with rare, debilitating neuromuscular and neurological diseases. Investigator-sponsored Research (ISR) represents an invaluable type of medical research, providing an innovative method of discovery that can generate promising medical interventions.

ISR comprises clinical studies that are initiated and managed by non-pharmaceutical company researchers, such as:

  • Individual investigators
  • Institutions
  • Collaborative study groups
  • Cooperative groups

Catalyst will only support legitimate, legal, and relevant study proposals. Catalyst carefully evaluates all ISR submissions, taking into account their scientific rigor, methodological considerations, patient safety, and their ability to generate meaningful data that can translate to clinical practice. All ISR submissions must align to, Catalyst product development plans and the disease states that Catalyst is active in or may consider entering. Support by Catalyst may be in the form of funding, a study drug, or a combination of both. All support must be disclosed.

Submission of an ISR proposal or protocol does not imply or guarantee approval.

Submitting a Proposal

Before serious consideration of any proposal can occur, Catalyst requires a detailed proposal and/or a draft protocol, with proposed endpoints, and a draft budget.

Contact Information

For further questions about the process, or to discuss specific proposals, please contact us at:

Corporate Giving